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So what’s in a name?

Well, we’re here to tell you just what our name  

means for you.

Being the leading manufacturer of military combat boots,
Every pair we make is guaranteed to be of top quality and comfort
Leaving you confident that your boots will hold up through the elements -
Like blowing sand, ice, snow and all of the other treacherous conditions you         
Encounter while in the field.
Versatile, durable and lightweight, our boots are more comfortable than ever before.
In fact, our boots are specifically designed and made to feel
Like your favorite running shoe.
Lots of styles to choose from – hot weather, waterproof, cold weather, steel toe, etc.
Every soldier’s needs and expectations will be met with a Belleville boot.

Being just a few weeks away from the end of the fiscal year,
Our staff is ready and waiting to fulfill all of your last-minute boot
Time is running out, so choose the brand that offers more than a just a boot.
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Belleville Boot - Exodus 451 Hot weather and waterproof boot Belleville Boot Co.

Introducing the Exodus tactical boot from Belleville Boot Company, featuring Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort Technology. Developed especially for hot weather and arid climates, the "single-wall" advanced technology provides 100% waterproof protection, minimizes water pickup, and dries quickly while perspiration escapes. This mission ready boot not only keeps you light on your feet while ensuring optimized comfort in any climate.

Specification Sheet

Exodus 451
Hot Weather Waterproof Boot
Belleville Boot Co.

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Not all boots are created equal.
Know the boot you're getting and be sure it's a Belleville.

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Our Belleville Model Boots are Crafted with pride in the USA


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